Dealing with Relationships

When the Excitement Ebbs


Relationships between two people go through many phases over time, but they generally start off with plenty of excitement. It can begin with the feeling of riding a roller coaster, but that is often due to the fact the partners are getting to know each other. As they become comfortable with each other’s ways and habits, the relationship might settle into a more normal way of life. This is often when the excitement ebbs, and it is the time when most dating relationships face a crossroads.

When the thrills and chills of meeting a new partner for a date start to ease off, it is a time when assessing the relationship is easier for both people involved in it. They have a clearer idea whether or not the person is right for them, and it does not necessarily herald the end of their time as a couple. Some daters look forward to this time, but others see it as a definitive ending.

The expectation that a partner will create excitement at all times during a relationship is unrealistic, so both parties in the relationship should be aware that ebbing excitement is not a cause for a breakup. It is simply the time when both people have become comfortable with each other, and it can lead them to form a deeper relationship. For those who are not mature enough to understand this phase, it might be best if they do break off their relationship. Expecting to be thrilled for the rest of their life can put undue pressure on their partner.

Relationship phases are a common occurrence, and they should be part of a normal existence between two people. There will be times when the excitement returns, and these should be enjoyed fully. For those times when the excitement ebbs, relaxing with a partner is a comfortable time to just enjoy the security of partnership.