Dealing with Relationships

Refilling the Nest


Dreams of the future are often what fill the minds of young couples, and they see the family they will raise as they progress through their lives. Happiness is their expectation, and they find it has been a true one as they watch their last child move into adulthood. They now return home to find they have an empty nest, and it can be a disconcerting time when they wonder what they will do next. As a couple, they have always leaned on each other. They can continue to do that while refilling the nest with new and interesting life changes.

It depends upon the personalities of individuals within a partnership as to how they will refill their empty spaces, and some of them opt to move out of their old home. It might contain too many sad memories, or they might want less maintenance in their future. Some of them have planned for this step, but others find it leaps upon them at the last moment.

Couples have found that grandchildren are often a good substitute for the empty spaces left in their home, and they might have several before their last child has move away. They could invite them over on a regular basis, and it allows their cycle of life to continue the way they want. Filling empty rooms with small and loving children can be a blessing for those who adored being parents for many decades.

Hobbies and interests often take a step up when a couple has come to the point where their children no longer live at home, but there are other ways to cope with empty nest syndrome. Each pair of partners will have to navigate through this step of life in a way suitable to them, and there can be some interesting and surprising results when they work together to make major changes.