Dealing with Relationships

An Uncaring Partner


When two people are in a relationship, there is a supposition that both of them care about each other. While this is often true at the beginning of their time together, bad behaviour may stop one partner from caring at all. Many people live isolated lives even though their partner is present on a daily basis, and they eventually realize it is because the other person has begun to ignore them. While this is difficult, it is important to correctly place the blame for the problem.

When a relationship sours, there are a number of reasons it occurs. One person may have found someone else, but it is often a response to a partner who refuses to take an active role in the relationship. This is true of a person in a relationship who is a passive-aggressive partner, and it really is their own fault. The passive-aggressive person refuses to acknowledge issues, and then they punish their partner because they cannot immediately understand how they erred. This causes the partner to withdraw emotionally.