Dealing with Relationships

A New Spouse


As people age, the likelihood they or their partner might not survive into their golden years becomes more of a reality. When a person loses their long term spouse, a period of mourning is generally about a year in most societies. After that time, friends and relatives are often the ones who are eager to help the lonely person find someone new. If they do meet and date someone long enough to choose marriage, a new spouse can cause them to rethink many of their relationships with family and friends.

Appreciation of loved ones is an important component of a good life, and being matched with a new spouse could be part of it. It may have been quite difficult to find just the right person the first time around, but loved ones can make it easier because they know a person well after decades of living. Introducing a widow or widower to a potential partner is a winnowing process, and many older relatives and friends understand the needs of a mature partner heading into retirement.

The children of a couple will be heartbroken when one of their parents passes away, yet they will want the surviving parent to continue on with their life. They are generally experiencing their own happy marriages, and they want their parent to feel the same love and caring with someone else. While a few children might resent a new spouse, many of them will welcome that person with open arms and a generous helping of hospitality. It is important to them that the parent they love finds happiness.

It can be difficult to move forward with life when a partner is suddenly missing, yet it is important to honour their memory by making a good life. Being alone and sad all the time should not be part of the equation, and suddenly facing the realization that friends and family are there to help can make life easier when searching for a new love.